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Ho Class Mothersmucker 1. I don't think she's going to be a 19 year old having sex with anybody, so that problem, at least, is solved. Van Susteren was anything but conservative prior to landing at Fox, and only then did she become fairly middle-road. Girls like that are a natural resource to be preserved. So I guess I'd put it this way - even in the worst case scenario, I don't think the women in this article should be on a "sex offender registry. Medicare is not insurance.

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As we know, legal definitions are often completely moronic. California inmate becomes first US prisoner to receive tax payer funded sex reassignment surgery They're serving a life sentence for kidnapping and murder to boot.

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The mom was a bitch for selling out the 19 year old. She suggested we go back to my place woo! Cuomo has long called to shut down the 2,megawatt nuclear plant that provides about 25 percent of New York City's electricity. Had a terrible time, good sushi though. Women in prison pair up and form families. Sex offender registries are bad news. It is from the age of Enlightenment.

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